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Why Your Website Should Be Your Best Sales Asset – Part 1

Most businesses today have some sort of a web presence, a budget allocated to designing and maintaining a website, and some semblance of an online marketing plan. But, always ask yourself the following key questions:


  1. Is my online presence building my brand’s value in the eyes of consumers?
  2. Does my website generate consistent, high-quality traffic?
  3. How can I monetize my website?


My clients always ask me: “How Do I Monetize My Website?” Let’s first start with the basics.


Your website should be an extension of you and your business. It represents what your business does and acts as your secondary sales person when you’re not around. A photographer would need a website with a stunning portfolio and a way to capture the information of interested parties. Restaurants can their websites as tools to book in reservations and answer questions regarding menu options. In both examples, we are streamlining the Q&A process and decreasing the hours needed for a receptionist or a customer service agent to field calls, answer inquiries, and book in clients. Powerful, isn’t it?


Do You Have Goals For Your Site?


When you have an online presence, always ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve:


  •  What’s the purpose of the site?
  • Is your site built in a way that appeals to your target market?
  • Is the user experience a pleasant and effective one?


Having a website and a social media presence is critical for business owners who want to take their business to the next level — and rightly so. They can act as powerful lead generation tools and so much more. But, the most important purpose of having any online presence is to have it build your brand equity and make you money.

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