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Determining Website ROI Using Google Analytics

We’ve just measured acquisition, target market profiles, and engagement. So how do you determine whether all your hardwork actually paid off?


Step one is to examine your KPIs:

1. Did your sales increase?

2. Did your costs decrease?

3. Did your fan base and number of Likes increase?

4. Have you been getting lots of positive feedback on blog posts?

5. Are you managing your community building efforts adequately?

6. Has your Events and Visitor Flow lengthened?

7. Are you getting more newsletter signups?


This is your opportunity to determine your website’s ROI using Google Analytics.


Know Your Goals, Know Your Customer


I’m going to keep stressing this fact. Keep your numbers simple, digestible, and, most importantly, actionable. Remember, that in order to know whether or not you’re achieving your company’s goals and objectives, you have to measure your results and determine what’s working — and what’s clearly not working — in your campaign.


You cannot sell something to someone who doesn’t like your product or your sales pitch. Know who your target market is and how they like to be communicated with. It is here that you’ll be able to identify where you have opportunities to grow even more. Adapting your online marketing and sales strategy is a highly effective way to ensure you’re reaching your target market in a way that’s interesting and relevant — all the time.


So, What’s Next?: Facebook Insights and Hootsuite Analytics


Now that we’ve examine my #1 favorite analytics tools, my next — and very exciting webinar series — will actually focus on my OTHER two favorite tools which are Facebook Insights and Hootsuite Analytics. Both are free and can give you extremely powerful insights into consumer behavior quickly and effectively.


Make it a fantastic day and I’ll see you all soon =)

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How To Use Google Analytics To Gain Actionable Insights Into Your Website

We all know social media accounts and websites are great ways to:

1. Tell the public about new products

2. Connect with clients on a more personal level

3. Collect key data on your target market.

The online social space is about learning, listening, and, most importantly, building your marketing strategy in real-time.

There are a number of analytics tools that, when used properly, can help you make the necessary adjustments to ensure you’re appealing to your target market in the most efficient ways possible. My favorite tools are Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Hootsuite. What’s even better about these is that they’re free, it’s easy to interpret the data, and anyone can use it.

Using Google Analytics To Measure Acquisition and Engagement

In the most general sense of the word, Google Analytics was created for the basic function of measuring acquisition and engagement in the digital space. I mentioned this in my last blog that measuring your results must be a part of your online marketing strategy in order for your presence to matter at all. As we move further along in this 7-part Google Analytics series, we’ll examine the basics of how you can cut through the numbers clutter and distill all that information down to give you a more accurate representation of how your site is actually performing.

These tools give can give you a MUCH deeper look into who your customer is and how they behave online. As your market evolves, Google Analytics can assist you in rapidly changing a number of fantastic actionable insights:

1. How you word your content

2. Modifying how you design your graphics

3. Altering the overall user experience of your website.

This is by far the best way to maximize the opportunity to reach your audience and encourage conversions. Because at the end of the day, a conversion is a sale. And a sale, is money.

Adjusting Your Marketing Strategy In Real Time

The ability to quickly adjust your content, site layout, images, and overall social media strategy is critical to your online marketing efforts.

If you know your market loves pretty pictures and you’re an online clothing company, be sure to add in a new Fall or seasonal catalogue with associated content and amazing photos. Photographers: Are your viewers clicking on your portfolio? Which projects are they clicking on? Wedding shoots? Engagement shoots? Family portraits? Once you know which items are most popular during a specific period of time, you can tailor your online efforts to reflect their interest. And, that’s powerful.

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