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Website and Internet Usage Statistics – Part 8

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Website Fact: First Impressions Are Everything

Did you know that the number of internet users in the U.S. expanded to approximately 239 million? That represents 75.6% of the total population. In other words, more than 3/4 of the total population is online as of 2012. Staggering…but, not surprising at all.

Business owners: If you’re not online, we suggest you make building a website a priority for 2013. If you ARE online but your presence is not building your brand equity or making you money, we also suggest you think about re-visiting your marketing strategy.

A well-designed, functional website gives off the impression that your company professional, established, successful, and technically-savvy.

Look Professional And Credible

Having a website is as important today as having an office and a Yellow Pages listing was 30 years ago – in fact, you could potentially argue that a website is more important because the stakes are higher and the competition is that much more fierce. Having a good website is no longer just a need for your business – it is a necessity. This is a factor that can easily affect whether your business grows or goes bust in fast-paced — and highly competitive — global market.

So, only one question remains: Are you leveraging your best sales asset?

Turn your website into a lead generating tool by contacting us today for a free web evaluation! You’ll be glad you did.

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Using Your Website To Adjust Your Marketing Strategy In Real Time – Part 7

Unlike a print brochure, a website is fluid, flexible, and affordable to maintain. Our best recommendation is to build a website using WordPress (which Google has been known to support more than other platforms) with a responsive theme (which is mobile-friendly).


Update Information Easily


With just the touch of a button, you are now able to update your list of goods and services anytime, anywhere. No longer do you have to stress over typos, incorrect cut margins, and late delivery of your print brochures — simply hop into the backend of your website and make any change you like. You’re in full control of your website at all times.


Add Current Promotions


Promotions are a great way to treat your patrons for their service — and attract new customers instantly. Seasonal sales of goods during the holidays or perhaps one-time discounts on New Year’s business consultation services are quick and painless examples of the different ways you can use your website to steer your visitors into taking a desired actions (buying or calling in to schedule an appointment).


Streamline Business Updates


So, maybe you decided to expand into different geographic markets. Or, you hired new a new Chief Technical Officer to add to the strength of your management team. Or, perhaps you want to announce major milestones in your company’s growth. Your website can easily evolve with you as your business evolves over time. Unlike, a print brochure which has to be re-printed at a new cost, any update or change on your side can be made on your website instantly — and at just a fraction of the cost if any.

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Does Traditional Advertising Still Work – Part 5

The average consumer has options when it comes to how they research product information. The accessibility of the internet means people can now:

  • Visit review sites like CNET if they’re looking to make a software or technical purchase
  • Do comparisons on different vendor websites to determine who has the best price for the best product
  • Hop onto different social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to see what other people are saying


So, if you’re still investing in expensive TV commercials and newspaper ads, how are you tracking whether or not you’re getting a return on investment?

In fact, the better question here is…


Where is your marketing budget going?


If people can SKIP television commercials by watching shows through a Hulu subscription, downloads, or recordings, how many of those viewers are actually seeing your ads? Probably not as many as the network promised you when you first bought air time.

iTunes and online music apps also remove the need to listen to radio commercials. Not to mention that trusted recommendations from social media networks water down the need for heavy sales pitches in print catalogues and brochures.

Print, radio and television are still fantastic ways to reach your target audience. But, perhaps it’s also a good idea to look into online marketing and advertising as a means to decrease your overhead while still capturing a massive segment of your client base — for just a fraction of the cost. Food for thought.

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The Correlation Between Internet Research and Online Shopping Statistics – Part 4

Gone are the days when a business owner’s only source of marketing was through print brochures, paper proposals, and sky-high, long-distance phone bills.

The whole concept of television commercials, radio ads, and printed mail outs are great… Except when one considers the following statistics:

  • 86% of People Don’t Watch Television Ads
  • 44% of Direct Mail is Never Opened

These numbers are rather dismal considering the huge expense associated with producing these traditional advertising vehicles.

Can You Afford NOT To Be Online?

Websites and Google ads are relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of traditional advertising placements. Add that to the fact that you can reach many more people when advertising online and the question remains: Why WOULDN’T you want to advertise online?

Let’s consider the following numbers:

  • 88.1% of US internet users ages 14+ research products online
  • 83.9% of internet researchers will make at least one purchase via the web
  • 71% of internet users watch online video clips and ads

Being online means you no longer need to print brochures – all of that information should be on your website. Invoices, evaluations, proposals, and many other business documents can also now be sent online — saving you even more on printing and mailing costs. Skype and Facetime also make it easy to conference into a meeting overseas — or across the city during rush hour — for free.

Many product and service companies are putting their entire operations online now. And that means OPTING OUT of having a physical office altogether. The reasoning for this is simple: It helps them save big on office operating costs, while increasing their efficiency, customer service quality, and clientele base.

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Determining Website ROI Using Google Analytics

We’ve just measured acquisition, target market profiles, and engagement. So how do you determine whether all your hardwork actually paid off?


Step one is to examine your KPIs:

1. Did your sales increase?

2. Did your costs decrease?

3. Did your fan base and number of Likes increase?

4. Have you been getting lots of positive feedback on blog posts?

5. Are you managing your community building efforts adequately?

6. Has your Events and Visitor Flow lengthened?

7. Are you getting more newsletter signups?


This is your opportunity to determine your website’s ROI using Google Analytics.


Know Your Goals, Know Your Customer


I’m going to keep stressing this fact. Keep your numbers simple, digestible, and, most importantly, actionable. Remember, that in order to know whether or not you’re achieving your company’s goals and objectives, you have to measure your results and determine what’s working — and what’s clearly not working — in your campaign.


You cannot sell something to someone who doesn’t like your product or your sales pitch. Know who your target market is and how they like to be communicated with. It is here that you’ll be able to identify where you have opportunities to grow even more. Adapting your online marketing and sales strategy is a highly effective way to ensure you’re reaching your target market in a way that’s interesting and relevant — all the time.


So, What’s Next?: Facebook Insights and Hootsuite Analytics


Now that we’ve examine my #1 favorite analytics tools, my next — and very exciting webinar series — will actually focus on my OTHER two favorite tools which are Facebook Insights and Hootsuite Analytics. Both are free and can give you extremely powerful insights into consumer behavior quickly and effectively.


Make it a fantastic day and I’ll see you all soon =)

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How to Drive Traffic To Your Website and Generate Leads Online

While it’s all well and good to discuss visitor profiles, market behavior, and online user experience, the first — and biggest — hurdle every business owner must face is the same: How do you drive traffic to your site in the first place? And, once you’ve established a steady flow of visitors, how do you attract even more and get them to convert?

There’s no one magic formula that herds visitors to your site and automatically converts them into paying customers. However, there are certainly ways to increase your chances of grabbing the attention of more people.

Search Engine Optimization For Indexing

The best place to start is on the backend of your site. Make sure your overall site and page SEO matches that of your content. When a web designer says they will SEO optimize your site without also writing or optimizing your content at the same, I would take a step back and re-examine your initial goals of having a site in the first place. Designing a site without creating content at the same time is extremely common… But, it’s not the most advantageous way to ensure your site is 100% searchable on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Just like your accessories have to complement your whole outfit, your content must also match the SEO of your site — or else it doesn’t look good or perform at its optimum.

One of the main services my company offers in addition to KPI and social media strategy is website and content development. I’m very strict on content creation and SEO. In my world, you can’t have one without the other. And, always remember to go back to the basics. Go networking, go to tradeshows, cold call, light a fire under your sales people. Don’t simply rely on your website to generate cash flow. People want to buy what you represent and the best way to sell them on that is in person — with you representing the best asset your business has to offer.



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