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How do you know whether or not your marketing campaign was a boom or a bust? Do you know whether or not your website is performing at its optimum to generate you leads?

Did you know that Google Analytics can tell you the answer to BOTH these questions?


Google Analytics Basics with Chow Communications










Google Analytics was created for the basic function of measuring acquisition and engagement online. Remember that measuring your results must be a part of your online marketing strategy in order for your presence to matter at all. Google Analytics training and consultations for your website and social media can quickly and easily give you a more accurate representation of how your online marketing campaign is actually performing.

When used in conjunction with other tools like Hootsuite Analytics and Facebook Insights, Google Analytics can give small business owners and corporate marketing managers invaluable insights:

  • Understand the demographic profile of who your online customers are and how they behave online
  • Identify points of interest – and disinterest – for the sole purpose of modifying your content, graphics, and overall website design for optimum user experience
  • Adjust your marketing strategy in real time based off of up-to-the-minute website and social media data

Your online marketing campaign will be monitored using Google Analytics to learn about and collect key data on your target market. Our goal for your business is to use Google Analytics for social media to understand your audience and encourage conversions.

Learn how you can conduct a demographic and psychographic profile of your ideal target market using Google Analytics for social media and your website. Contact us today for a free Google Analytics evaluation!

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Google Analytics Success Story

The Fitness Studio

No way of tracking visitors or flow-through in website.

The Google Analytics Strategy:
Initial Google Analytics data showed that more than half of all visitors were attempting to view the site with a mobile device. Unfortunately, the website was built on Flash, which can’t be viewed on a smart phone.

Website was re-themed using a Responsive WordPress theme and a mobile site was created with the ability for clients to book training sessions and fitness classes on-the-go. A tracking code was installed and the fitness studio was able to attribute the 15% class registration increase to mobile bookings.

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