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My clients ask me this all the time: “how do I get ranked on Google, how do I get found, how do start generating leads online?” The simple solution: Targeted keyword research, search engine optimization of every single touch point of your online campaign, and a solid content creation and publishing strategy.
Emily Chow, Chow Communications

The whole concept of search engine optimization and keyword research forces you to become very specific on your service offerings and what your company does as a whole. We work very closely with you to employ a variety of white hat SEO tactics designed to get you ranked higher on Google and to ensure you get found by your ideal target market.

It all starts by helping you construct a solid strategy so that you can start generating qualified leads online right away. The whole point of SEO is to tell Google what you’re expertise is. Our goal for you is to turn your website into massive sales and public relations resource that’s easy to find online and compelling enough to encourage purchase.

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Search Engine Optimization Success Story

The City-Specific Realtor

Had three websites for 4 years but none of them were ranking anywhere on Google.

The SEO Strategy:
The inner workings of the site indicated no on-page SEO data in the form of title tags, H1’s, and meta descriptions. Keyword densities were skewed and no actual keywords had been chosen. Redundant content was also found on each of the three sites. 

Keywords specific to the industry, demographic, and geographic location were generated and tested for effectiveness. Content was rewritten for all three sites and every on-page SEO element was addressed. Search engine optimized social media posts were generated every day and two blogs posts were published every week.  After two weeks the client was ranked on page 4. After one month, the client ranked on page 2. Work is still progressing with the sites. 

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