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Emily is a master wordsmith with a real flair for engaging people in conversations that convert into sales! She helped make LivingSocial and AmazonLocal into online powerhouses that stood heads and shoulders above our competition.
Adam Bohannon, Director of Social Marketing, LivingSocial

Searching for a Vancouver copywriter — or a copywriter anywhere in the world — can be a challenge. The whole concept of online marketing and web page copywriting revolves around the principles of education and monetization.

When it comes to a hiring an SEO copywriting pro in Vancouver, you’re going to want someone who is not only schooled in the art of writing, but someone who also understands the science behind it. You’re going to want someone who is an unfailing expert in search engine optimization, someone who understands your business inside and out — and is able to communicate all your unique selling propositions to your ideal customer. To explain it more simply: The person you select to do your search engine optimization, online marketing, web page copywriting, blog writing, and social media content creation must be able to write in a way that entices, educates, and encourages a desired action from your target client. What’s the desired action, you ask? To contact you and buy from you — whether it be a product or a service.

The goal of all our Vancouver copywriters is to get your business ranked on Google, to generate high-quality traffic to your website, to produce leads, and to help you close every sale. It’s that simple.

Web Page Content That Generates Leads

Let’s look at the facts:

  1. You could do all the writing yourself, but do you know how to EXECUTE ON AND IMPLEMENT all the search engine optimization tactics needed to get you ranked on Google?
  2. Do you know HOW NOT TO WRITE so that you don’t get categorized as a content spamming website?
  3. And, most importantly, DO YOU HAVE THE TIME to learn everything there is about SEO to start generating leads online?

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Web Online Marketing and Page Copywriting Success Story

Who: The Local Realtor

Owned three websites – none of which were getting any traffic or property inquiries.

The SEO Copywriting Strategy:
New search engine optimized content was generated for each page of the realtor’s websites, referring links were built into the copy, and additional SEO tactics were implemented.

Within one month of launch, the website generated one new buyer and one new seller. Both deals closed and generated a total of $50,000 in realtor commissions.

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