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The Debate — Traditional Advertising vs Online Marketing – Part 2

As mentioned earlier, a strong website is one that builds your brand equity and makes you money. Having said that, there are still those business owners that ignore the concept of technology. A monetized web presence, budding social media community, and video campaign just “isn’t for them.”

Let’s be fair: Traditional advertising methods like TV commercials, newspapers ads, and mail outs can be very effective — But, with what kind of return on investment? What these people don’t realize is that the internet provides a huge opportunity for every business to reach millions of people that they wouldn’t reach through traditional advertising.

Which Type Of Advertising Brings You The Best Results?

According to a recent statistic, only 14% of people trust traditional advertising. The majority of the population these days prefers to research companies and brands anonymously through the internet, without having to talk to a salesperson. With such a staggering amount of information online, people now have the ability to TRY YOU BEFORE THEY BUY YOU. And this occurs through a variety of ways including product review sites, forums, and of course, social media.

Today, 90% of all purchase decisions begin online. Your website needs to be a comprehensive information hub that people can easily find when looking to educate themselves about your brand and your products. Remember that the whole purpose of you being online is so that people can find you, read you, love you, and buy into you. Your website is the single most important point of contact between you and your potential clients. First impressions really are everything.


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