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Tips To Streamline Your Business Operations – Part 6

When you make a conscious effort to super charge your online presence, you are opening yourself and your business up to a whole host of opportunities that you can’t get from simply being a brick and mortar establishment.


Let’s examine the concept of online shopping. It’s fast and hassle free — people no longer have to travel long distances to your store to buy something, and they can easily compare prices and brands online before they buy. Many service-based companies like physiotherapists, salons, and restaurants are now taking bookings online too. What does this all mean for you? You’re now able to:


  1. Process a lot more customers in a given time
  2. Reduce your operating costs and overhead
  3. Sell to people from around the globe.


Businesses that were once local can now open their doors to a GLOBAL clientele. No longer are you restricted by geographical boundaries.


The Importance Of Websites In Relationship Building


Having a website allows you to builds relationships with your clients by enabling two-way communication. Every page and element of your website should be designed to both encourage action (through email opt-ins and buy now buttons) and educate your visitors.


Create An Informative FAQ Section:


You can answer many of your customer’s initial questions by providing them with a good FAQ section. Not only does this add value to the customer since they are getting answers to their queries right away, it’s also a great way to show your visitors you’re prepared, professional, and ready to do business. My favorite part of an FAQ section is that it lets me do UNINTERRUPTED research on a company and its products.


The Power Of Contact & Quote Submission Forms


When you ask a question, you naturally expect a timely, informative answer. When a customer submits their information through a contact form or sends in a request for a quote, they are giving you the green light to pursue them. And, this is the goal of any business owner:  To have client’s come to YOU.


Listening To Your Customers


Happy customers let you know you’re doing your job well. Unhappy customers let you know where you can improve. The ability for others to see the testimonials of satisfied clients as well as how you deal with mistakes, is great way to show the public that you value their patronage and are ready, willing, and able to improve operations all the time.


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