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Part 2: How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog AND Increase Readership

Part 2: How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog AND Increase Readership

Let’s be honest here: Every business owner wants to generate leads with the least amount of blood, sweat, tears. Your goal is to build a business where clients come to you and you want these potential clients to already want and need your product and service. We call this wonderful phenomenon pre-qualified traffic. So let’s examine some tried and true methods of driving this kind of qualified traffic to your blog and website:

Using Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Blog And Website

Social media is a great way to drive more traffic back to your blog and website for several reasons. It shows Google that you’re active when it comes to community building and the addition of a blog URL helps build up the number of simple, organic links back to your site. Almost every business owner has Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – now would be a good time to use it. Post wisely, though. There are certain sweet spots when it comes to posting on social media especially when it comes to:

  • The number of times you need to post on each respective account
  • The time of day that you want to post
  • Be strategic with your accounts. Don’t post if you have nothing interesting or valuable to share with your followers and fans. The last thing you want to do is spam your potential and current customers.

Still not a believer that social media can be a powerful traffic generation tool? Then maybe this statistic will help: 26% of B2C marketers say that Facebook is the leading source of referred social media traffic back to their respective websites. Now that’s impressive.

Do Email Newsletters Work For Lead Generation?

A gentle word of caution to those that do email newsletters: Make sure you have a really STELLAR headline as the subject of your email. Your goal is to grab the attention of your readers – and potential clients – and to make them want more. You want them to be interested and, ultimately, invested in whatever it is you have to say. Remember that it’s so much easier to convert someone who already likes you. Sometimes all it takes is a delicate nudge to make a casual web visitor into a committed buyer.

Guest Blogging For Lead Generation

Yes, I am a huge fan of guest blogging. The reasoning is simple: By guest blogging, I am now able to put myself in front of a large audience that I a) possibly never would have been exposed to otherwise or b) while I might be able to get exposure to this same group through other means, reaching them all at once is a time saver. Guest blogging for sites that already have great traction means new eye balls on my content and quality links that mean a great deal to Google and other major search engines.

And, last but not least: Have you ever considered doing a Google AdWords or a Facebook Ads campaign to drive traffic back to your blog? Learn more in my next blog.

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