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Part 3: Using Google AdWords To Drive Traffic To Your Blog And Website

Part 3: Using Google AdWords To Drive Traffic To Your Blog And Website

Investing in Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to drive traffic and awareness

Organic traffic is always best. Why? Because it’s the ultimate by product of all the great work you’re doing online. If you are already ranking relatively high and you haven’t done any form of paid advertising to drive your rankings up, I’d say you’re doing the most important things right. But, don’t stop there – start looking at other related keywords that you’d also like to rank for. Building up relationships between multiple keywords and having all of that present on your website, blog, YouTube, and social media avenues is an excellent way to demonstrate to Google that you’re not just a “one trick pony.”

Paid advertising for special events (like workshops) and blog posts on Facebook have worked immensely well for some of my clients. Not only have these ads generated more Likes and traffic back to their Facebook pages and websites, they have also yielded a higher visitor-to-client ratio. This means that those people that click on a Facebook ad have a higher chance of purchasing from you. Granted, this is just what I’ve seen with five clients of mine… but, five is better than zero and Facebook ads can potentially (but, not always) be cheaper than Google AdWords campaigns.

Generating Leads Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This method is BY FAR my favourite way of driving traffic to whatever online account you have. It’s an organic way of telling Google that you’re an expert in what you do and, therefore, deserve to get ranked as high as possible for a specific keyword. Your permalink, blog title, meta description, keywords, categories, and tags all represent something I like to call “SEO touch points.” If you’ve ever been to one of my Marketing Bootcamp Basics workshops, you’d know that these are the basic elements of any blog that Google uses to determine value and relevance. If you can nail every single one of those items consistently, then you’re well on your way to winning the rankings battle against your competition.

So, How Do You Use SEO To Increase Your Blog’s Rankings?

It’s actually easier than you may think. All five of these tactics (social media, email newsletter campaigns, guest blogging, paid advertising, and SEO) should be used in tandem with one another. But, if you have limited time and can choose only one, I would (obviously) recommend search engine optimization. It’s your best bet for not only driving qualified traffic, but also converting that traffic. The whole purpose of SEO is to tell Google you’re an expert on something, get them to rank you high for your search terms, and, ultimately, attract your IDEAL client.

Interested in learning how you can use SEO to transform your WordPress blog into a lead generating tool? Stay tuned for next blog on how to effectively navigate and utilize your SEO plugin.

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