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Simple SEO Tips To Help Your Rankings Skyrocket On Google!

So, let’s chat about some simple SEO tips to increase your rankings on Google. I get a lot of different reactions when it comes to explaining the premise behind search engine optimization – mostly a lot of blank stares, skepticism, and requests to repeat what I just said.

I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz about the so-called Google algorithm. Codenamed after adorable animals like Panda, Penguin, and, most recently, Hummingbird, these algorithms have thrown the online community into a tizzy. While some experts believe the whole process of SEO has become even more complicated since these changes by Google have been made, I actually believe it’s gotten simpler and more intuitive. The rules for being online haven’t changed. Google is just being more obvious about what it wants.

Google’s Goals Have Always Remained The Same:

  1. To give users of its search engine the most relevant (ie. best) search results in the shortest amount of time possible and
  2. To weed out and rank only the best small business owners that are able to give Google and its users exactly what they’re asking for.

So, what exactly is Google asking for? Answer: Google is asking business owners to produce multimedia content that it can quickly and easily index for ranking purposes. This content also needs to be highly relevant and interesting to capture the attention of a viewer. Here are my top 3 picks what you can do online to finally get noticed – and ranked – by Google:

1.  Search Engine Optimize Your Website

You have to give Google a reason to want to index you. When they start crawling your site for tid bits on who you are and what your business does, be sure you leave them with as much detailed information as possible. You do this using your title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, graphics, website layout, to name a few.

2.  Start Creating Profiles in Major Online Directories

I always advise my clients to strive for maximum exposure with the least amount of work. Gone are the days when Google only looks at a website to gauge whether or not you deserve to rank on Page 1. When you create profiles on online directories, you benefit from having your name and contact information show up on multiple places online AND you also receive a legitimate link back from that directory to your website. By directing people back to your own online accounts, you are essentially forcing Google to pay more attention to you. Start this process with free online directories like Google+ and Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare, and more.

3.  Get Social and STAY Social

If there’s one thing that can be said for the most recent algorithm changes, it’s that

Google wants you to be more social. Plain and simple. Search engines are placing an increasing amount of importance on how social media conversations influence their views on brands and, ultimately, how their websites should rank. Business owners and brands can no longer rely on a well-optimized website to earn Google’s attention. A brand must be able to strike up a conversation, go where their people are going, and engaging them in a discussion that earns them brownie points in the form of a great reputation and better rankings online. Smart brands are using very specific – and simple – social media tactics to drive traffic to their websites and boost interest in their companies. I’ll share a few of those strategies with you in my next blog.

Now that you understand how Google works, be sure to apply these three basic steps to help you build a solid online foundation that nothing – not even Google’s famed and ever-changing – can ever shake. See you on my next blog where I’ll share with you how to leverage specific social media avenues to help you generate leads and traffic back to your site!

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