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What Happened To Google Authorship?

I’m sure you’ve all hear that Google got rid of their once highly coveted Google Authorship. I’m sad to see it go simply because of all the effort it took to get it for myself and my clients. And, I really did like seeing our photos attached to our website and our content. So, why did Google get rid of their authorship function? Here’s what they’re telling us:

1. Apparent low adoption by business owners and content creators.

Translation: In other words, Google’s research showed that not enough people were actually using the function.

2. Didn’t provide enough value to searchers and viewers.

Translation: Google noticed very little difference in the click-through behavior on search results with Authorship snippets and photos compared to those without.

What should you do now that Google Authorship is gone? That’s a loaded question. Authorship may be gone but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Google resurrects a bigger and better version in the new future. Look at all the different iterations of Google Maps, Google Local, Google Business, and now Google My Business — I’m sure Google will send some new shiny functions to oooh and ahhh over soon.

The end of Google Authorship also means that webmasters and authors should continue to adhere to structured markup best practices when creating content and building websites and pages. Check out schema.org for more information on structured markup language. This markup language essentially helps search engines better understand the content and context of pages on your website.

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