Corporate Training and Workshops

Emily is one of our top instructors at Camp Tech with her SEO Workshops. She breaks down technical subjects into digestible pieces, and students love her fun and friendly style. Emily is a pleasure to work with and we love having her on the team.

- Avery Swartz, CEO and Founder of Camp Tech

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Digital Marketing Training For Your Team

HubSpot User Training and SEO Workshops

The HubSpot user training, HubSpot marketing automation training, SEO workshops, and digital marketing education programs offered by Chow Communications are customized for your organization and its unique challenges. We sit down with your marketing and sales teams and determine what elements of the inbound marketing process and sales funnel is in need of help...or, shall we say, finessing.

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Customized For Your Team

Choose Your Training: Inbound Marketing or HubSpot Marketing Automation

Our goal is to educate your team on the basics and more advanced elements of the inbound process including, SEO, lead nurturing, content marketing, content creation, social media marketing, and web design. By educating your team, we are empowering them to build coordinated digital and offline marketing strategies that they can execute on right away -- and on their own. Whether you’re looking for HubSpot user training or overall inbound marketing and sales assistance, our training programs and workshops will assist you in creating an online presence that resonates with your ideal client, generates traffic and qualified leads, and converts casual web visitors into committed buyers.

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Empower And Educate Your Team

Here's What You'll Learn

My team and I will guide you in developing key marketing messages and assist you in implementing lead generation strategies on your website, social media and video accounts, print marketing materials, email marketing campaigns, and more. Our hands-on training and education program will also help you build a solid foundation of digital, inbound, and HubSpot marketing knowledge that your team can leverage in the following areas:

Lead Generation Strategies and Conversion Tactics

Facebook Ads and Content Strategies

Search Engine Optimization

Real Time Analytics With Google Analytics and Google Search Console

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