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We are extremely excited to offer a brand new addition to the Chow Communications family of digital marketing workshops and educational courses:

SEO and Social Media

SEO and Blogging Strategy

This two-part intensive digital marketing program was specifically designed for business owners who are looking to ramp up their online presence, improve their social media engagement, and boost their rankings on major search engines.

What makes these two online marketing intensive courses better than any other program out there? We only allow a maximum of 4 attendees per workshop, which gives us the opportunity to CUSTOMIZE and TAILOR all the learning material to suit your specific industry and business needs. Emily will personally contact you to determine what your exact business goals are and what kind of content, tools, and resources you and your team will need to achieve maximum business growth and success. You can’t ask for more than that.

The first 4-hour workshop in this series is the SEO and Social Media course which focuses on:

  1. Social media account setup tips on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn that your competition doesn’t know about
  2. Digital storytelling and publishing strategies to help boost your online rankings
  3. Creating search engine optimized content using smart keywords and trending topics to appeal to your target market – and to Google!
  4. Time-saving content creation tactics to attract your ideal target client and generate you new leads
  5. Powerful outreach strategies to build an online community of raving fans and loyal customers

Our second 4-hour workshop in the series is the SEO and Blogging Strategy course which will delve into:

  1. How an effective blog content creation strategy and promotional calendar can turn your website into a lead magnet
  2. Content publishing and promotion tactics that generate you qualified leads everyday
  3. How to create the kind of search engine optimized and keyword-rich content that your target market and search engines will LOVE!
  4. The power of visual content and search engine optimization
  5. Conversion design concepts that influence purchase decisions and turn casual web visitors into committed buyers

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  1. Karyn

    Hi there,
    I’m most interested in your 2nd workshop. What are your fall 2015 dates?


  2. clayton

    hi there

    i”m interested in your first work shop social media course. When are your next dates. I’m calling from burns lake bc.

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