National Kitchen and Bath Association 2015

NKBA Chow Communications - National Kitchen and Bath Association Workshop

Visit Emily from Chow Communications at the 2015 Luxury Home and Design Show for an educational NKBA workshop exclusive:

When: May 2, 2014 — 12pm-330pm

Who: NKBA Members (Educational Workshop Series)

Where: New Convention Center (1055 Canada Place)

Leveraging Social Media Strategies For Lead Generation And Brand Building

Reaching The Digitally-Savvy Design Consumer

25 percent of the world’s population uses social media, which means that 1.73 million people are pinning, posting, tweeting, and Instagram-ing every single day. And, every 60 seconds 20,000 pictures are uploaded on Tumblr, 216,000 photos are posted to Instagram, and 2,460,000 posts are sent on Facebook. The influence of social platforms and the sheer number of people using them have blasted a massive spotlight on the power of social media and its undeniable influence on purchasing behaviour and customer experience. Businesses big and small now have to rethink their marketing strategies and how they intend to leverage social media to reach, engage, and convert prospects into satisfied customers. What was considered best marketing practices even just 3 years ago is quite simply not good enough for companies looking to do business with digitally-savvy consumers.

An Online Marketing Strategy For Designers

Design companies can no longer just hop onto Facebook and Pinterest and expect to receive a tidal wave of leads from it. Business must make informed decisions about which social networks to invest resources in to achieve the best results. Depending on what your business objectives are, it may be in your best interests to increase the number of subscribers to your DIY design YouTube channel to ultimately drive traffic to your service website. Or, perhaps you want to build your email list of boutique homebuilders and luxury-focused real estate agents in the Lower Mainland to market your high-end services. The possibilities are endless and, therefore, designers need to ensure the social accounts they choose to nurture ultimately build their online authority, brand recognition, and conversion goals.

Social media is no longer about following the masses and preaching your sales pitch to them — it’s about strategically seeking out your target audience, knowing exactly where they hang out online, and defining how they want to be spoken to.

What Designers Need To Know Before They Go Online

So, how are you as an interior designer, decorator, stager, or builder going to use social media to cultivate a compelling brand story around your company that not only builds your brand recognition locally, but ALSO generates you qualified leads?

Social media gives you real-time access to your target market and this digital marketing workshop will teach you simple strategies for how you can create an ecosystem of social content with the singular objective of attracting, engaging, and retaining new and existing customers. Because, at the end of the day, your goal as a business owner is to effectively and consistently connect with prospects — and win.

Building A Complementary Traditional Marketing Campaign

In-person events, networking groups, direct mailer campaigns, and tradeshows are all excellent channels for making a great first impression on your ideal target client. Your Goal: To combine a well-executed traditional marketing campaign with a community-focused digital marketing program that’s consistent all across the board when it comes to branding and messaging.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

The purpose of this workshop is to help interior designers, decorators, and builders create and implement social media strategies and complementary traditional marketing tools that build brand equity, generate leads, solidify vendor partnerships, and create communities of online brand advocates. Attendees will learn up-to-date social media best practices as well as specific tactics on how to generate interest and leads from their Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts. Attendees will learn what it takes to stand out from competitors and establish a foundation of genuine value in the eyes of prospects so that you get hired based on expertise and skill — rather than price.

Participants will be able to walk away with a solid list of action items around Chow Communications’ top 5 social media picks and complementary traditional marketing strategies for those in the interior design, decorating, staging, and building space:

1. The New Facebook
Simplified strategies to generate more Likes, leads, and eye balls to your website

2. Twitter Community Building Basics
Outreach strategies to engage your followers and generate potential leads

3. Pinterest For Business Fundamentals
Amplifying your online reach with a visual content campaign

4. Leveraging LinkedIn
Developing professional partnerships, networks, and endorsements

5. Google+ Redefined
Easy-to-implement tactics to help boost local Google rankings

6. Complementary Traditional Marketing Tactics
Traditional marketing tools that create a stellar first impression AND complement your online efforts

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