OMG Social Media Conference 2014

Chow Communications - OMG Social Media Conference

Chow Communications – OMG Social Media Conference 2014

What The Heck Is The OMG Social Media Conference All About?

OMG, a name that plays on the online acronyms that have become social norms in our lives, is short for Online Media Generation. The generation we are referring to is characterized by those who are lucky enough to have grown up during the social media revolution and interact on social media platforms on a non-stop basis. As we can see around us, social media is quickly becoming a major part in business functions beyond sales and marketing like customer service, product development and human resources.

The goal of the conference: The Simplify Social Media For Small Business

Trust me — you won’t want to miss this amazing event!

Featuring 14 speakers from phenomenal organizations including Whole Foods, Hootsuite, and Lululemon, this conference seeks to shed light on the impact social media has made on our cultural and business landscape.

Workshop Session: The Social Side Of SEO

I’ll be speaking about The Social Side of SEO and how business owners can use social media content, backlinks, and optimal conversion design to generate them qualified leads and boost their rankings online.

Here’s What You’ll Learn At My Social Side Of SEO Workshop:

1. The social media ROI objectives that every business owner and marketing manager should define.

2. Strategic SEO tactics that you can apply to your social media today for optimal results.

3. So, what happens after a user reads your post? Creating a post-click experience that generates leads and converts casual web visitors into committed buyers.

See you all there!

Visit the OMG Social Media Conference Website.

Chow Communications - OMG Social Media Conference Speaker Lineup

Chow Communications – OMG Social Media Conference Speaker Lineup

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