Google Analytics For Bloggers

Google Analytics For Bloggers

Online Google Analytics workshop for bloggers

[testimonial author=”Cher Hanusiak, Owner, EcoBravo Blog”]Emily turned the “light bulb” on for me! She gave me specific steps on how to make my website more SEO-friendly and attract greater readership. She demystified Google Analytics and showed me how to understand my audience, their viewing patterns and behaviour online, and what’s working or not working on my blog. Above all, she really made me feel reinvigorated and back in control of my business![/testimonial]

Your blog is your business. And, like every savvy entrepreneur out there, you’re looking to make money doing that which you love most: Sharing knowledge and becoming an authority figure in your field.

If you’re a serious blogger, then words like “increased website traffic, enhanced SEO, affiliate marketing, and ad sales” are music to your ears — because that’s essentially how you build a blog that has BOTH staying power AND earning potential.

It’s all in the numbers — Those with the highest web traffic and most number of viewers with specific demographic attributes are the WINNERS.

So, how do you attract affiliate networks and convince businesses to advertise on your site?

The simple answer: Show them you’re a viable source of traffic and revenue with proof from your Google Analytics data. And, if you’re not quite at the traffic level you’d like to be at, Google Analytics can help you adjust your marketing strategy in real time so that you can consistently build your blog and stay top of mind with search engines and your ideal target market.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Measure your website’s ability to acquire and engage visitors
  2. Read and analyze the basic functions within the Google Analytics dashboard
  3. Adjust your content strategy based off relevant data and information
  4. Understand the demographic profile of WHO your visitors are and HOW they behave online
  5. Identify points of interest — and disinterest — for the sole purpose of modifying your content, graphics, and overall website design for optimum conversion

Remember that measuring your results must be a part of your online marketing strategy in order for your presence to mean anything to affiliate networks and potential advertisers. Google Analytics can quickly and easily give you a more accurate representation of how your online marketing campaign is actually performing.

***Event Day Details***: 

The workshop will be held via Google Hangouts. After you register, Emily will email you with additional course details.


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