Small Business Marketing Consulting

Small Business Marketing Consulting: Corporate Training and Education

Marketing Consultant in Coquitlam and Vancouver |  Chow Communications

Marketing Consultant in Coquitlam and Vancouver | Chow Communications

The corporate training and education program has been designed to assist your marketing team in building coordinated online and offline marketing plans that they can execute on right away and on their own. The purpose of this program is to assist you in creating a marketing presence that resonates with your ideal client, generates traffic and qualified leads, and converts casual web visitors into committed buyers.

Our small business marketing consulting team will guide you in developing key marketing messages and assist you in implementing lead generation strategies on your website, social media and video accounts, print marketing materials, email marketing campaigns, and more.

Our goal during this 4-week, hands-on training and education program will help build a solid foundation of online marketing knowledge that your team can leverage in the following areas:

  1. Branding and Marketing Strategy
  2. Lead Generation Strategies and Conversion Tactics
  3. Online Marketing and Social Community Building Best Practices
  4. Web Design Consulting and Search Engine Optimization Training
  5. Real-Time Analytics and Insights

The Corporate Training and Education package also includes:

  • 3 hours of email, phone, and Skype time for questions, consulting, and brainstorming
  • On-location training
  • Educational worksheets and downloadable resources

Contact Emily for bookings and pricing at 604-780-8313 or submit your marketing consulting and training inquiry here.

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[testimonial author=”R. Charles, Senior Project Manager and Team Lead,┬áLeading Canadian Telecommunications Company”]Emily did a great job at helping our team put together a comprehensive marketing plan that made sense, was within budget, and addressed every single one of our challenges and goals. Our marketing team is stronger and smarter thanks to Emily and her staff.[/testimonial]


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